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2016 Porsche Panamera will be shared with the third-generation Bentley Continental Platform Car will use the Volkswagen Group developed the MSB of the platform, it uses rear-wheel drive, front-engine layout.


Both cars are mounted powertrain isolation wall near the front, and within the front axle, which for the vehicle at high speed to maintain a better balance is very important. MSB platform will combine high-strength steel and aluminum materials, so the next generation than the 2014 Panamera facelift car lighter, the new car will remain with the current version uses the same four low seat position, the middle is the front row throughout console. As low seating position, thus also lower the vehicle center of gravity, which helps improve vehicle handling and sports car-like driving experience.


2016 Panamera models will be equipped with more electronic components and porsche piwis subsystems, vehicle powertrain options include V6 petrol / diesel, V8, and plug-in hybrid system, which is equipped with a lithium ion battery pack will reduce weight 40.8 kg, so the next generation of plug-in hybrid dynamic version lighter than the current version.